Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pics of Pals Party

My niece, Allie, hosted a Pics of Pals party at her house on Friday, March 14. She and her four girl friends got together and built a group book to remember their 'Sweetheart Swirl.'

They combined all of their pictures, projected them on the dining room wall and chose the shots they wanted included in their books.

Once their pictures were chosen they projected the photo book program onto the same wall and built their photo book together. They all had input into the design and layout. I enjoyed listening to the negotiating that took place. "If we have this picture of me then we get to have that picture of you!"

Amidst all of the laughing, "eeewwww" -ing and "awwwww"-ing they built a great book! They even made time for signing each other's covers.

They created their books on Friday; they were delivered on Wednesday!

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