Friday, April 25, 2008

Draft Your Book; We Can Build It!

What are doing with all of your pictures? Are they still on your computer? In your camera? Let Freeze Frame Publishing help you create custom photo books to store and share your memories.

Pick a theme for your photo book, select the pictures you wish to put in it and give us a call. It's that easy!

If you know what pictures you want on each page and what captions, if any, you'd like to use, why not make a mock-up book? Ann, from Michigan, had an idea of the layout of her book. She pasted copies of her pictures in a word document and printed them. She then taped them on a blank page and noted other pertinent details. Her pictures were not full scale. Ann chose to number her pictures and captions and type them on a separate sheet for her design consultant.

Another way you can draft your book is to number your pictures on your CD or flash drive, enclose a page explaining what pictures you want on which pages. If you want to add captions, make note of that as well. You do not need to print any copies of your pictures at all!

You can also let our consultants design your photo book. Please see our Services section and our Products and Pricing section on our main web page for further information. We're here to help you freeze time and frame your memories forever!

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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