Sunday, April 20, 2008

Load 'em on. Back 'em up!

Digital cameras make taking pictures so easy these days. What do you do with all of the pictures you have taken? Many people load their pictures onto their computer hard drives. This is a perfect place to store them for future use.

What happens if your computer crashes?

We at Freeze Frame Publishing want to take a moment to encourage you to back up your photos! Burn your favorite pictures to a CD. If you have pictures already backed up, check the CD to make sure it loads and reads properly. It may be time to re-burn an existing CD.

Now that you have your pictures backed up, why not consider building a custom photo book! Let's face it, it's difficult huddling around a computer screen to view last year's vacation, or that summer wedding you attended.

Photo books are great ways to store and show your favorite pictures. Please contact us, we're ready to help you freeze time and frame your memories forever!

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