Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mother's Day and Photo Books

While Mother's Day is "officially" recognized on Sunday, May 11 this year, we all know that moms play a special role in all of our lives every day. Mother's Day is a nice reminder to do something special for all the moms in our lives...

... and a nice reminder to be thankful for all of the children who make us mothers.

There is still time to make a special photo book for your mom. You need not be limited to using pictures, either. Do you still have some art work you created when you were in elementary school? Awards and recognitions stashed somewhere? A favorite card you made just for mom? Chances are your mom cherished and carefully saved those items for you. Why not surprise her with a photo book containing pictures of those memories too?

Need Assistance? Freeze Frame Publishing is ready to help you create a special Mother's Day photo book for your mom. Please check our web site for more details on special promotions as well as our product offerings.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Thank you, Collin, for making me a mom!

We welcome your comments and suggestions... and "mom stories."


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