Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Graduaton Photo Books: Part 4--One Last School Memory!

By now many of you have crossed that stage, received your coveted diplomas and are ready to take on the world! We all congratulate you. Your hard work and dedication have finally paid off. We have been encouraging you to take pictures of all of your graduation-related events. Now, what will you do with all of your pictures? Perhaps many of you have already posted your best shots on Facebook or another social networking site. And your friends have likely done the same.

The internet social networking sites make it easy to instantly share your photo memories with others in your group. That is great. With the proper equipment(large screen TVs, hand-held internet devices, etc.) many can view your site at the same time. Have you thought about where your pictures, your tangible memories, might be twenty years from now?

I read an article in the Grand Rapids Press recently written by Sarah Viren from the Houston Chronicle where she talks about several high schools in the Houston area doing away with yearbooks. Four national colleges have done the same. Social networking sites are cited as one of the reasons for the decline in popularity of the more traditional yearbooks.

That has me thinking about photo books and graduations and "holders" of memories. Social networking sites are marvelous for storing pictures and connecting and re-connecting with friends. But a printed book is also a good way of storing memories. A printed book does not rely on any technology. It is there for the holding.

Perhaps you can use the social networking sites to gather your pictures, select the best ones and build your own personal graduation photo book. Chances are some of your friends have some great shots. Uploading them to a social networking site ensures many "angles" of your shared memories!

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Congratulations, Graduates!

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