Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thanks Dads!

Father's Day is tomorrow, Sunday, June 15. Father's Day is placed between two "life changing" events: graduations, and weddings. And near the beginning of summer vacation for the school-aged set. With so many other happenings, it's easy for Father's Day to be an "oh...what are we doing for dad this year?" after thought. Just as moms are important in our lives everyday, so too are dads.

Happy Father's Day, dads! Even if words aren't always there, you are. You are in our thoughts; your influence lives long into our futures.

My dad has been gone nearly 27 years now but I can still hear him ask me, "who do you want to be, Laura?" That question has helped guide me thoughout my life. I am now embarking on a new entreprenuerial adventure...but I come by the ability to take on the challenge honestly.

Thank you, fathers. Thanks, Dad.


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