Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wedding Photo Books Part 2: Attendants' Photo Books

Many of you will be giving the attendants in your wedding a special momento in appreciation for all they have done for you and your future spouse.

Attendants' Photo Books might be the special gifts you've been looking for!

There are a few ways in which you can create Attendants' Photo Books for the participants in your wedding. One way is to create a photo book showcasing pictures of you and your attendants over the years. You can devote specific pages to each of your attendants as well as devote specific pages to any showers or parties you may have had. This photo book would be suitable for everyone in your bridal party.

Another idea for Attendants' Photo Books would be to create personalized versions for each of your attendants. To do this, create one common section of your book. The common section could include bridal shower and party pictures, shopping for and trying on dresses, as well as any other pictures in which all participants are present. You can then personalize each book by devoting a few pages in the front of the book to each attendant. Simply create one personalized photo book and save it. When you re-open your book you can change the personalized photos and re-save your book under a different name. Repeat this process for each of your attendants.

Another idea is to create entirely different photo books for each attendant.

Our photo book program allows easy personalization with the availability of customized captions and page layouts.

Mention this blog post when ordering your Attendants' Photo Books and receive one free photo book with the purchase of four photo books.

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