Monday, July 21, 2008

Wedding Photo Books Part 3: Pre-Wedding Memories

You have spent a lot of time planning your wedding day. You have taken care of some of the details; you have some ideas for attendants' gifts. Now it's time to focus on you and your future spouse.

Shutters will be 'clicking' away on your wedding day. You will have many versions of your big day in pictures from many different angles, many different photographers. Pictures of your big event will be plentiful. We'll talk more on that later.

Have you considered chronicling your pre-wedding events? All of the activities leading up to your vows can make a great photo book too. A pre-wedding photo book detailing these events can be a nice companion to your wedding book.

Our photo book program allows you to enter text as well as photos. You can recount how the 'big question' was popped. Sprinkle in photos and text of sharing your good news with your parents, your friends and family. Add some photos of dress shopping, tux shopping, bridal showers and couples parties. And remember to talk about picking the reception site, the menu, the music, the invitations and announcements. This might also be a good place to introduce your attendants as well. A good ending to your pre-wedding photo book might be pictures from your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, if you have one.

Enjoy this special time in your lives.

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