Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wedding Photo Books Part 4: The Big Event

You've spent much time and money preparing for your big day. How will you remember it once it has passed? A Wedding Photo Book that you create can be the perfect way to remember your big day!

There are a few ways in which to create your Wedding Photo Book. One way is to ask your photographers if they offer photo books in one of their packages. If they do not currently, Freeze Frame Publishing can assist them in printing a photo book containing their professionally taken photographs.

Another way you can create your Wedding Photo Book is to have lots of cameras available throughout your wedding day events. Place cameras on tables and let your guests snap pictures of your big day from their vantage points. Provide collection centers for the cameras near the exit areas when your guests leave. Have these pictures burned to CDs or other digital media. You now have many pictures, taken by your guests, to choose from as you create your own Wedding Photo Book.

Your guest-taken pictures can also be used to make "thank you" photo books. Or you can make individual prints of special photos to enclose in greeting cards at a later date!

Our photo book program is easy to use and can accommodate both text and pictures with limitless layout and background options.

Enjoy your special day. Enjoy the memories you create!

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