Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding Photo Books Part 6: Remember I Do

We have been talking about different ways in which to chronicle your wedding events: guest signature photo books; attendants' photo books; pre-wedding photo books; the big event photo books; and honeymoon photo books. Please see our past posts for more information on these photo books. You can also enter the word "weddings" in the search box at the top of this blog to see a full listing of wedding entries.

It's never too late for the 'already-marrieds' to create lasting memories of their wedding days and events surrounding their vows. Photo books have come to the fore in the past five years. There are more and more opportunities for you to create personal photo books blossoming every day.

Do you have a traditional wedding book tucked away safely in a closet or drawer, no longer readily available for perusing? Do you still have loose snapshots of your wedding events in photo lab envelopes or a 'picture drawer'? Why not create a new photo book to commemorate your wedding?

A personally created Remember I Do photo book would make a lovely gift for your parents, your friends and yourself.

Get your wedding album and wedding pictures out; reminisce with your spouse and loved ones as you choose pictures to use in building your Remember I Do photo book. If you choose pictures from your professionally created wedding album make sure to check your records or call the photographer to see if you can make copies of those pictures. Select your pictures, convert them to a digital format and start creating (or re-creating!) your wedding! It's that easy! You may even wish to dedicate a page or two to the two of you today!

Please visit our web site for more information on how Freeze Frame Publishing can help you freeze time and frame your wedding memories forever!

We welcome your comments and suggestions... and of course, wedding memories!


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