Friday, August 15, 2008

VACATION! Photo Books Part 4: The Vacation

The vacation is over. The memories, like the sand in your shoes, linger. Now is the perfect time to create your Vacation Photo Book.

After you have decided what organizational structure you will use (chronological, topical, etc.) and you have sorted your pictures accordingly, it's time to think about page backgrounds. Our photo book program has many backgrounds from which to choose. But you might want to consider using some of your pictures as backgrounds in your Vacation Photo Book.

Here is an example of a two-page spread using a picture of shoreline rocks underwater as the background. This photo was taken in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. It captures the rocks and water that were present throughout this vacation. This background is neutral enough to use on several pages. It can also be saved and used as a background in future photo books.

Here is an example of a 'sand shot' used as the background for the opening page of a North Carolina ocean vacation taken this summer.

Here is an example of a background that is available with our photo book program. This background is textured and comes in several colors. This background complements the photos on this page.

Another idea is to use a group picture as the background and place candid shots highlighting the activity along the side. A caption completes the page.

Please visit our web site for more information on how Freeze Frame Publishing can help you freeze time and frame your vacation memories forever.

We welcome your comments and suggestions... and vacation stories!


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