Monday, March 30, 2009

Building Your 2010 Photo Calendar--March

March is wrapping up and April is waiting to bloom! As people living in snowy climes can attest: Fall brown looks very different than Spring brown. Spring brown holds the promise of green!

Let's load some pictures into our saved calendar file and start building our March page. The easiest way to load new pictures is to first put your new pictures into your calender picture folder. I keep my calendar picture folder on my desk top. You can also keep your calendar folder in My Pictures if you're using a PC or iPhoto if you're using a Mac.

Once you have your new pictures in your folder, open the cards and calendar program; select open saved file; choose your calendar project. Then open your calendar picture folder. This should open on top of your calendar project as illustrated below. Scroll through your picture folder and select the pictures you wish to add. Simply click, drag, and drop your new picture into the picture tray of your saved calendar project. Reminder: Keep your calendar pictures in a folder and keep the folder in the same place! Each time you open any saved photo project, the software looks for your pictures and expects that they are in the same folder in the same place on your computer. Should you receive a "missing image file" warning in one of your saved projects, check that your picture and picture folder have not been moved to a different location, or deleted altogether!

I wanted to build a collage page for this month. I began by deleting the picture template that was there. I clicked in the template square and then pressed the 'delete' button on my keyboard. I had a clean work area! I then clicked, dragged, and dropped all of the pictures I wanted to use. I could move and re-size the pictures later.

Once I had my pictures sized and placed, I tilted some and rounded the corners on some. I finished by placing a border around each picture. My goal for this month was to capture the new buds and the new green amidst all of the brown.

My March page is now complete. I anxiously await April and the vivid colors it brings.

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Awaiting Spring in Michigan,


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