Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Custom Calendars for Your Fund Raisers

Are you looking for a new fund raising product? Have you considered selling Customized Photo Calendars?

Customized calendars, using Freeze Frame Publishing's calendar software, may be the perfect solution to meet your group's fund raising goals.

Choose a calendar size. You have four different sizes from which to choose. (Please see our blog post Which Calendar Size to Choose for more information.) Sell advertising. There are several ways to sell advertising: exclusive month sponsorships; shared month sponsorships; day sponsorships, day sponsorships with a note.

Suppose your athletic group wants to raise funds for new uniforms this year. For this scenario we will use the 11" x 17" Centerfold calendar. Team members take 100 orders for their customized calendar. This calendar retails for $18.99. With a 25% group rate discount (See products and pricing page for more information. For orders over 100, please contact us for pricing.) and selling no ads, your group can earn $474.75 towards new uniforms.

Now let's suppose you sell Day Sponsorships for $20. One hundred day sponsorships are sold to parents and local businesses amounting to an additional $2,000 for your team. Perhaps you sell ten Day Sponsorships with a special Note for $25 each. That could generate an additional $250 towards your team uniforms.

Another idea is to sell shared month sponsorships. You determine the number and size of ads to be sold in this manner. Suppose you sell 25 Shared Month Sponsorships at $50 each. That will generate $1250 for your team.

Another idea is to sell Exclusive Month Sponsorships. Suppose you sell five Exclusive Month Sponsorships for $200. That would generate $1,000.

To recap our example:
100 day-sponsors x $ 20 = $2,000
10 day-with-note x $ 25 = $ 250
25 shared-month x $ 50 = $1,250
5 exclusive- month x $200 = $1,000

100 calendars sold (group rate) = $474

Total: $4,974 for your group or organization.

Our software for calendars is very flexible and easy to use. All of our products are fully customizable from backgrounds to fonts, layouts, borders and enhancements. Our blog has many tips, ideas, and suggestions to aid you in framing your special memories forever.

We invite you to download our FREE software! If you have slow internet connection, or no internet connection, request a disc and we will send our software to you! You can also sign up to receive our blog posts emailed directly to your in box! Please visit our web site for more information on all of our products and services.

If you would like more information on how Freeze Frame Publishing can help your group or organization in its fund raising efforts, please contact us. We're ready to help!

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this post first appeared in April, 2009

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