Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Add Blocks of Text to Your Photo Books!

Q. Is there a way to add blocks of text to my photo books?

A. Yes, there is! Follow these simple steps and you can save yourself some typing time. This example uses a word document and Freeze Frame Publishing photo book software for PC.

Step 1: Select the page you would like to copy and paste your pre-existing text. Add a caption box (This can be done from the top tool bar under the Insert tab, or by right-clicking your mouse and selecting Insert.). Enlarge the caption box. Move your cursor arrow to a corner of the caption box; when the double-ended arrow appears, pull your cursor towards a corner of the photo book page. Minimize the photo book program.

Step 2: Open your word document. Highlight the text you wish to copy. Then press both the Ctrl and C buttons to copy your text. Minimize your word document.

Step 3: Expand the photo book program. With your cursor in the text box, press both the Ctrl and V buttons to paste your text. Re-size the caption box as needed.

A few things to remember as you copy text from a word document into the photo book program:
* all text will be the same size, the same font, and the same color within the text box.
* you can change the size, font, and color of your text.
* if you want some words to be italicized or a different color you will need to create a new text box for each change you wish to make within your text block.

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