Sunday, May 3, 2009

Building Your 2010 Photo Calendar--April

Greens. Yellows. Blossoms. Spring is here! For the April page of our 2010 calendar I wanted lots of color! April did not disappoint. After the rains, the colors popped. Our grass went from brown to green seemingly overnight. I took a picture of our grass with my camera in the macro setting. The macro setting on my digital camera allows for really close-up shots while blurring the background. The macro setting on many digital cameras is easy to find. Look for the flower icon. When your camera is turned on, push that button and select which macro mode you'd like to use. You can find many tips from photographers on using your camera's macro setting online.

I chose to use the grass as my background picture this month. I wanted the green to cover the entire page. I dragged the picture to the work space and then clicked the icon to make it full size.

I titled this month, SPRING! and moved the caption box up to the center picture. I changed the font size and color after typing the title and while I was still in the edit mode.

I removed the gray fill from the unused day boxes. I double-clicked in the month area. I selected the Days & Fonts button, as illustrated with arrow 1. I then selected the Empty Cell drop down box, as illustrated by arrow 2. Lastly, I selected None, as illustrated by arrow 3. I clicked OK when I was finished. It is important to note that in making this change, I have changed all empty cells for the entire calendar.

I finished the month by adding a few pictures of buds and blossoms. All of the pictures used for this month have also been placed in the calendar picture folder I have on my desktop. Reminder: Keep your calendar pictures in a folder and keep the folder in the same place! Each time you open any saved photo project, the software looks for your pictures and expects that they are in the same folder in the same place on your computer. Should you receive a "missing image file" warning in one of your saved projects, check that your picture and picture folder have not been moved to a different location, or deleted altogether!

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