Monday, June 15, 2009

How To Save Your Completed Projects for Future Printing

What would happen if next year you wanted to order another copy of a photo book you ordered this year? Could you order an additional copy? Well, that depends!

If you still have the photo book stored in the software, no problem!

Is there a way to save completed projects for the possibility of future printing? YES.

Before you delete your completed projects we encourage you to make a back-up copy in the event you need an additional copy at a future date. You never know! But with a few quick steps, you can save your files... just in case.

Step-by-Step directions for saving a completed photo book file:

1. Open your saved book project. This can be done from the opening prompt, or by choosing 'open' from the FILE tab on the top tool bar of the program.

2. Click the 'Send to FreezeFrame' button.

Your book will process just as it does when you submit your order online.

3. Check the "I have examined the proof..." box and the Continue button.

4. Select the "I prefer to bring the file with me to the store" button.

5. Prepare to save your book on your computer.

6. Select where you wish to save your project file. In this example, I have chosen to save the file under Jen's Documents. Name your file. In this example I named the file saved 8x11 pma. Press Save.

Your photo book is now saved for future printing if necessary. Please remember that you cannot read this file as it is encrypted. Also, you cannot change or edit this file. This file can be saved to a CD or flash drive and sent to Freeze Frame Publishing for printing at a later date.

Follow this process to save cards and calendar projects, too.

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