Sunday, August 30, 2009

Joy of Photo Stories: blog post by Jen Mitchell

Jen Mitchell, a busy mother of four juggling home, family and career, took time to review our software recently. She wrote about her memories of a blue vinyl photo album, of family stories told again and again. "[Photos]... are keepers of stories, of history, my family's history."

"With digital photos being on the computer the whole part of sharing their story is lost. Sure my digital pictures all tell the story of the events that they captured but who gets to hear that story when they are all nicely organized and categorized on the computer? I have not prints to handle, no books to look through," she adds.

We are happy to report that Jen loved our software!   "I went to their site, downloaded the Free software and in one nap time, I had made a book of photos. A tangible book that my children can hold and we can look at together."

See the book Jen made, as well as read her blog post on her blog site.

Thanks, Jen for the good words.

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