Friday, October 2, 2009

Andrea Hudleston Booker Blog Post #2: Why Hire a Professional Photographer

This is the second post from local professional photographer, Andrea Hudleston Booker.
To illustrate the importance of using professionals let me narrate a very true and personal story. A few months ago after my $30 haircut (wash, cut and style), I thought it would be a great idea to further update my look with some highlights. After just spending money on my hair, I wanted to do it "the more affordable way," meaning my then fiance and I could 'handle it' with a $15 box of color from our local store.
To make a longer story short and to save myself a bit of embarrassment,  the outcome was not so good and I ended up calling a professional at 10:30 p.m. with my hair emergency. Luckily for me, my professional hair-saver, as we'll call him, was able to meet me at the salon bright and early the following morning to bring my locks to their true potential (or at least much better than we had done). Total cost to fix my hair, $120! Had we opted to hire the professional from the beginning to handle my job, we would have saved approximately $40; and these days, $40 is a lot of money.
 In closing, professionals are labeled professionals because they have experience and training in their specific specialties. Sure, just as anyone can take a picture and anyone can highlight a person's hair does not imply that the outcome will be satisfactory in any way. Let's leave highlights as well as your Single Moments to the professionals.
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