Friday, December 4, 2009

Fast Track Photo Books from Freeze Frame Publishing!

In a hurry?  No time to make a photo book to commemorate that special occasion?  In less than 10 minutes you can create a photo book using Fast Track from Freeze Frame Publishing!

1.  Open the photo book program and select either the Create New Book or Fast Track option.

2. Select Fast Track

To create our Classic 8.5" x 11" landscape photo book, select the Landscape option. Click Next.

3.  Select the Keyhole Cover option for our Classic 8.5" x 11" Landscape photo book.

4.  Select a theme.  For this example I chose Clean (white page backgrounds). When the book wizard is finished and before you order your photo book you can add or change background images if you like using the stock backgrounds (available in the software and accessed through the backgrounds tab near the bottom of the screen) or your own pictures.

5. You will now select your pictures. TIP: Create a folder with the pictures you wish to use in this photo book.  The Fast Track program uses ALL the pictures you select.  It will save you time if you pre-select your pictures.

6.  Select the pictures you wish to use.  For this example I created a folder, Bowl Party, with all of the pictures I wish to use in this photo book.  I clicked the Select All option from the top tool bar. You can also select individual pictures, but this will add time to your book building.

7.  This Fast Track book will have 36 pages and use all 108 pictures I selected.  The more pictures you select, the more pages your finished book will have. Approximately 60 pictures are needed for a Fast Track 20-page photo book.  Remember: you can always edit your photo book by removing or adding pictures and pages before placing your order.

8.  To place your pictures in a specific order, select Preview Pictures.

9. Click, drag, and drop your pictures in the order you want them to appear in your book. For this example, I chose the picture I wanted on the first page.

10.  Add a caption to your first page.  If you do not want a caption, leave this area blank and click Next to finish.


11.  You're Finished!  Before placing your order you can view each page and add captions, change backgrounds, change picture layouts and sizes if you like.  Send to FreezeFrame and leave the rest to us!  Remember to Share Online with friends and family.  You can send anyone on your email list a virtual copy of your newly, quickly created photo book.  Click the Share Online button and follow the prompts. TIP: send the virtual photo book to yourself and forward the link to all of your friends and family. This method will save you time, too.

We hope you enjoy using our Fast Track wizard.  If you have any questions, please email me.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.


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