Friday, December 11, 2009

Ideas for Freezing and Framing Your Memories

"Smile!" Click. Flash... "Look this way," Click. Flash... Click. Flash... "gottcha!"

Our digital cameras will be clicking and flashing a lot over the next few weeks.  How will you FRAME all of your great pictures?

Cool Photo Ideas has plenty of ideas for you.

like this great photo wall display

or this great photo tree display
They give step-by-step directions for these ideas and lots of other ideas. Perhaps you will be inspired to create new photo displays using your best shots!

Now... about FREEZING all of those cherished digital memories.  We've talked about the necessity of backing up all of your digital picture files before. Here's another article from Page2Pixel that you might find helpful.

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Charge your batteries. Clear your memory card. Start clicking!


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