Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Start Planning for Spring and Summer Weddings!

January is a perfect time to begin your planning for spring and summer weddings: attending bridal shows, sampling caterer's fares, choosing photographers and DJs, selecting wedding and reception venues, not to mention choosing a date!

All of these wedding planning details are picture-taking opportunities, too!  Keep your cameras handy and your batteries charged!

Our first wedding series ran in 2008. Our previous posts might be helpful as you begin your wedding journey.

Part 1: Guest Books
Part 2: Attendant's Gifts
Part 3: Pre-Wedding Memories
Part 4: The BIG Event
Part 5: The Honeymoon
Part 6: Remember I Do

If you have tips and suggestions you'd like to share, please contact me, we'd love to post your suggestions.

Keep checking for tips and ideas to help you freeze time and frame your WEDDING memories forever!

We welcome your comments and suggestions,


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