Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dam-to-Dam Photo Contest by Freeze Frame Publishing

The 4th Annual Ice Fishing Tournament between Croton and Hardy Dams takes place this weekend. Bring your cameras!  Take lots of pictures.  Enter your best shot of the weekend for your chance to win cool prizes and for your picture to be used in promotional materials for the 5th Annual Dam-to-Dam tournament!

The rules are pretty simple:
1.  Email your full-size image to
2.  Include your contact information in the email: your name, address, where the picture was taken, who is in the picture, any "stories" of the picture you would like to share.
3.  Enter as many images as you like. One image per email, please.
4.  Photographers agree to grant limited rights to the Dam-to-Dam Committee and to Freeze Frame Publishing for the use of your images in promotional materials in perpetuity.
5.  Photographers retain all rights to pictures, except as stated above.
6.  Photographers must sign a release agreeing to use of pictures.
7.  Minors must have signed releases from parents or guardians agreeing to these terms of use.
8.  Individuals in pictures must sign releases for their likenesses to appear in promotional materials.
9.  Staff from Color House Graphics will select the winning pictures from the entries submitted.  No details of the pictures will be provided to the judges before their selections have been made.
10. Winners will be notified by email.
11. Pictures may appear in Freeze Frame Publishing's blog and "news" links as well as the official tournament web site.  Other venues may also be used in promoting this annual event.
12. ALL entries must be received by Saturday, February 20, 2010.

The prizes:
1st place: 2 posters, 2 8x10's, 4 5x7's, 25 wallets of image plus a photo book that YOU create!
2nd place: 2 posters, 4 4x6's, of image.
3rd place: 2 posters of image.

Questions? contact

See you on the ice!

Proceeds from the ice fishing event benefit Big Bothers Big Sisters of Newaygo County.

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