Saturday, February 27, 2010

Digital Photography for Beginners

Winter WonderlandLate-February.  A good time to learn a few more tricks with our cameras.

Digital Photgraphy School  has another great blog post to help us in our quest for taking better pictures:
 Digital Photography Tips for Beginners

Something to shoot for 124 "Best Photos of 2009"    Freeze Frame Publishing will have our first "Best Frames of 2010."  We invite you to send us your best picture of 2010. We will assemble and share your works early in 2011.

And while you're at it, Save My Memories has a great post on labeling your photos for storing on your computer.

Keep your cameras handy and your batteries charged! Visit our web site for more information on how Freeze Frame Publishing can help you freeze time and frame your memories forever!

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