Thursday, July 1, 2010

Animoto and Your Photos!

Happy July! Happy July 4th holiday weekend!

I was reading through an email from Digital Photography School today and in it they mentioned how fun Animoto was.  They encouraged all their readers to give it a try with their digital photos.

What is Animoto? The site is dubbed: The end of slideshows... and it is! Animoto is a web-based service that lets you upload digital pictures and video clips to their site.  Add a title. Choose some background music. Press 'submit' and wait for the magic to happen!  The site takes your images and creates a wonderful animated slide show that you can share with your friends and family.  30-second Animotos can be made free.  There are other levels of paid subscriptions ranging from $3.00 for an Animoto longer than 30-seconds, to a couple hundred dollars for use of the site without the Animoto branding.

Try it out!  Take some great pictures of your 4th of July events and make your own Animoto.  Here is a sample Animoto that I made a few months ago when I first heard of the site. I have since made Animotos for our family members getting married this summer.

Enjoy your holiday weekend. Take lots of pictures.  Start thinking photo books and cards for your family holidays.  It's not too early!

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