Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Somethin's Cookin': Family Recipe Photo Books!

Lots of old, hand-written, family recipes?  Aunt Marge brought a stack of old family recipes over recently.  I am charged with scanning them. We will have a family cookbook workshop early this fall.  Our goal: create a multi-generational cookbook of old family recipes.  Each family will receive a copy. We'll share a pot-luck dinner that night as we reminisce about old family favorites.

Here are two sample scans. These recipes were written on scraps of paper. We'll be able to include them in our cookbook along with memories of the cooks and the family members who savored the cooking!

Familiar smells.  Close your eyes and remember.  Childhood all over again. Special moments with friends and family relived.

We hope you will join us by creating your own family cookbooks.  Call your siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents. Gather your recipes and start scanning (or send them to us and we'll scan them for you!).

Please visit our web site for more information on Freeze Frame Publishing, our products and services. If you would assistance getting started, please contact me.  If you are interested in hosting a photo book workshop with your friends and family, please contact me to schedule a time! 

Happy memories,

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