Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FOOD and Photo Books, Cards, Calendars and Posters

Focus: Food.

We have a major food activity in our future: A Family Cookbook of hand-written family favorite recipes. We're in the final planning stages: schedule the pot-luck. Bringing the families together to share bread, share stories, share old pictures, and take new pictures with the goal: creating a "slice" of our family's history.

We'll be taking lots of pictures of the participants, to be sure... but we'll want to remember to take a few pictures of the wonderful food we'll be sharing!  Just in time, Digital Photography School offers 10 Tips for Mouth Watering Food Photography.  Who knows, some of our food shots may appear in a family food calendar, or family recipe cards!
These pictures were taken by Jen, a Freeze Frame Publishing partner.  I'm waiting for her card and calendar line!

Happy picnic-ing and pot-luck-ing!  Keep your cameras handy.

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