Thursday, March 24, 2011

Custom Poster Collage that YOU Make!

Sometimes an 8x10 image just isn't big enough to frame your memories... time to try creating your own collage using your images and Freeze Frame Publishing's FREE software for posters.

Open up the Freeze Frame software, select 'poster,' and begin creating your custom collage.

Our posters are 11x17 inches and can be printed on one or two sides.  Since most computer screens do not show the entire work area, one way to "see" where you are placing images is to shrink the work area as shown above.
Add blank picture "frames" to your work area. Lay out the frames as you like them.
Once you have the frames laid out, it's time to add your images.
Add your pictures into the picture tray at the bottom of your screen. Use the single + to add one image at a time, or use the multiple + to add an entire folder.  You can always more images at any time!
If you want to add borders around images, you can. Select the width of the border from the drop down menu as shown above. You can also change the color of the border as well as round the edges using the tools right next to the borders.
You can also turn images by highlighting an image and moving the scroll bar as shown above. Frames and embellishments to enhance your collage poster can be found on the far right side of the software screen. A click, drag, and drop is all that is needed.  Once you have your poster collage just how you like it, click the "send to FreezeFrame" button on the top tool bar and follow the prompts.

Our posters are printed on 10 point C1S and C2S and are suitable for framing or hanging as is!

If you would like more information on Freeze Frame Publishing, our products and services, please visit our web site... or "like" us on facebook!


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