Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Travels with Pierre: A Teddy Bear's Story Book

Meet Pierre. He is the darling teddy bear of Karen; a gift from her husband, Ron. Most days, Pierre spends his time in Lowell, Michigan. But when Ron and Karen travel, so too does Pierre! Pierre has visited some pretty amazing places. He has traveled extensively in Europe and the United States.

Karen, a retired art teacher, has kept journals and sketches of their travels. Her grandson has inspired and challenged her to make a book of Pierre's travels. She is taking up the challenge and is drawing, sketching and painting pages for her book. Using her journals and pictures, she is recreating their 5 month stay in Europe in 2006-2007.
When she is finished with her artwork, Karen will scan her pages into digital format. She can then easily add them to our photo book software to create Pierre's story book.  Her original artwork is preserved--and she can make multiple copies for her friends and family to enjoy.

Here is a peek at Pierre's title page...
Karen will add text once her scanned artwork is in the actual book template.  She has printed words for her title page to help her visualize the finished printed page.
Above is a peek at another page. Karen has left plenty of space in which to add her text.  Adding text to her scanned pages rather than placing it directly on her artwork will give Karen more freedom to change font, font size and font color to fit each page of her book.

Karen  already has an offer to read her book to children at the local YMCA. A reception is planned for her when her book is printed.  Details to follow!

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Happy Tale Telling!