Wednesday, September 7, 2011

QR Code on the back or your favorite Wallet Size Pic!

QR (Quick Response) codes are all the rage these days.  They are those little boxes of squiggly lines that, when scanned with your smart phone, lead to a web site, a message, or special content. Lots of information can be accessed with a scan of a code. 

So why not use the QR technology to enhance your own customized photo products?

Here's a quick idea for using a customized QR code to enhance your wallet sized card...
The front side of wallet card will display a picture. For this example I have chosen a group picture:
The back of the wallet card will have a QR code of a video montage of this year's annual fishing trip:
If you have a smart phone handy, scan this QR to see the video.

To make this QR code, first I made a video using video software available on many PCs and Macs. I then uploaded the video to YouTube so that it would have a web link.  I copied the web link into a QR code generator, saved the QR image and used it just like a picture file.  I "clicked, dragged, and dropped" this image onto the back of my wallet card.  I now have much more than a picture to share with friends and family!

Customized QR codes would make wonderful additions to holiday news letters, to holiday cards, to graduation announcements, to wedding thank-you cards... the possibilities are endless!

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