Friday, October 26, 2012

Self-Publishers Start Marketing Your Book NOW!


Now? I don’t even have a finished book!


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Now is a perfect time to start your marketing efforts!

  1. Start an author blog and chronicle your process. Your readers will like following you on your journey from story idea to published book. Wordpress and Blogger offer free blog platforms that are easy to start and use. Don't worry about a following at first... your fans will come. A blog is a way for you to connect with your fans and others.
  2. Write for other blogs. Write guest posts on other blogs. Often you can provide links to your facebook page, twitter and blog or web site at the end of your post. Guest posting expands your reach. Future fans will meet you this way. You establish yourself as approachable. You can encourage others to pursue their dreams as you pursue yours.
  3. Submit articles to magazines and newspapers. You develop your writing skills. You learn if your writing is professional enough for publications. You establish yourself as a “published author” and add more credibility to your name.

   Build your “fan base” while you are completing your manuscript. When your book is ready, you can let your friends, family and followers know… they can help you spread the word!

Best wishes, writers!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Anthony's Prayers Keeps on Spreading!

Almost one year after Anthony Torrone's book was published it continues to spread. Chris Meehan, CRC Communications, posted an article on Anthony's Prayers on the Christian Reformed Church of North America's web site.

CRCNA has purchased several copies to send as 'Thank-You' gifts to its donors. At this writing, over 2,000 copies of Anthony's Prayers, Thank You Father for Everlasting have been printed.

Continued best wishes, Anthony!

Please visit Anthony's blog for more information on his book. Be sure to check out the sidebar for links to past news articles as well as videos of his book signings.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Self-Publishing and printing assistance in the Grand Rapids area

Now is a great time to get your book or story into print! You have your manuscript or story idea, now what?

Local assistance IS available!

Freeze Frame Publishing in Lowell, Michigan has expanded its offerings to include self-publishing assistance.  If you are a Do-It-Yourself author, a Do-It-With-Help author or a Please-Do-It-For-Me author, we can help you.

We offer help, assistance and training from manuscript to marketing.

Please contact us for more information on getting your manuscript into print and ebook!

Best wishes writers as you become authors!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tim Cusack's Me Too now available on Amazon

Grand Rapids, Michigan author Tim Cusack's book is now available on and from his web site.

Tim Cusack is a speaker, trainer and corporate entertainer. His passion is speaking to the human side of the workplace where he inspires people to appreciate life, work and relationships. Tim tours nationally presenting his keynotes and trainings for corporations, associations, educators and health care organizations. When not touring, Tim is a professional actor and performs in TV and radio commercials. (
Tim Cusack with Ken Postema of Color House Graphics
Tim's stories remind us that we are not so different from each other. Our everyday stories do connect us all. Thank you Tim for writing a genuinely touching book.

For more information on Tim Cusack, please visit his web site. For information on Freeze Frame Publishing's new author assistance services, please visit our web site. For information on Color House Graphics, please visit their web site. If we can be of assistance to you as you embark on your publishing journey, please contact us.

Congratulations, Tim!


Kim Sorrelle's Cry Until You Laugh book trailer

Grand Rapids, Michigan author, Kim Sorrelle, has posted a book trailer for her recent book, Cry Until You Laugh.
Kim Sorrelle's book can be purchased from

Ms. Sorrelle's book was printed at Color House Graphics, and published through Freeze Frame Publishing and its author assistance program. For more information on our author assistance program, please visit our web site or contact me.

Continued best wishes, Kim!