Friday, November 2, 2012

How To Be a Guest Blogger

One way to increase your fan base, your followers, is to write guest posts for other blog sites.

Where Do I Find Other Blogs?

You’re willing to write posts on others’ blogs… finding blogs that are a good fit for you can be time consuming. One way to find blogs is through a Google search.  These search phrases produced several resources:
  • blog hops
  • blog hop directory
  • blog link ups
  • author blog topics
  • author blog tours
Another way to find blogs is through LinkedIn. There are many groups on LinkedIn actively searching for guest bloggers.

Why Post on Other Blog Sites?
  • Posting on other sites is a way to expand your readership.   
  • You add fresh insight or perspective to other blogs. 
  • You can add back links to your blog in the author bio section. 
  • You hone your writing skills. 
  • You can meet new people! 
  • You may even receive requests from others to post on your blog.
The point is to build your base, encourage others, and make new friends as you perfect your writing. Now is a good time to start.

Best wishes, writers!
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