Monday, November 5, 2012

Research Your Audience


photo James Cridland (Creative Commons)

One way to target your marketing efforts is to target your market audience. The more information you have on your target audience (and your audience is not everybody!) the more you can refine your marketing approach to reach them.

Non-fiction writers may have an easier time identifying their audiences… but fiction writers can research their audiences too.

  • Are there groups, clubs or organizations that might be interested in your book?
  • What age group does your book appeal to?
  • Where does this age group hang out?
  • Is your book targeted to specific gender?
  • Will your book appeal to readers of different genres?
  • What is the central theme or conflict in your book? Where could you find people in this audience?

Create a personal profile of a member of your audience. Give him a name. What are her hobbies? Where and how would he purchase your book? Would she be likely to interact with you online or at a speaking engagement? You get the idea. The more clearly you can picture who is inclined to purchase your book the easier it will be to find them!

Best wishes, writers!

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