Freeze Frame Publishing Author Assistance

Getting Started

  • Why consider self-publishing
  • Where to begin
  • Your business model
  • Start marketing your book now

General Information

  • Working with an illustrator and/or designer
  • ISBN/Library of Congress process
  • What kind of book is right for your project? (trim size, binding, paper customization options)
  • Traditional publishing (contracts, agents, etc.)

Preparing Your Manuscript for Print

  • How to format your manuscript
  • Parts of a book (for manuscript set-up)
  • Fonts (some guidelines for choosing title and text fonts)
  • Request a quote/read a quote
  • Cover considerations 


  • LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest and social media
  • Planning a book signing
  • Where to market
  • Distributor and wholesaler, are they for you?
  • Non-bookstore outlets
  • Online outlets: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

For More Information

  • FREE initial phone consultation.
  • Individual and small group sessions available.

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