Start Marketing Your Book NOW!

10 Tips to Start Marketing Your Book NOW!

Yes, that's right: market your book now, even before it is finished!

  1. Start a blog. Start an author blog and chronicle your process. Your readers will like following you on your journey from story idea to published book. Wordpress and Blogger offer free blog platforms that are easy to start and use. Don't worry about a following at first... your fans will come. A blog is a way for you to connect with your fans and others.
  2. Create an author page on facebook. 
  3. Tweet your news on Twitter.
  4. Join groups on LinkedIn.
  5. Submit articles to magazines and newspapers. You develop your writing skills. You learn if your writing is professional enough for publications. You establish yourself as a “published author” and add more credibility to your name.
  6. Write for other blogs. Write guest posts on other blogs. Often you can provide links to your facebook page, twitter and web site at the end of your post. Guest posting expands your reach. Future fans will meet you this way. You establish yourself as approachable. You can encourage others to pursue their dreams as you pursue yours.
  7. Research your audience.  Are there groups that may be interested in your book? If you are writing fiction, your story line could appeal to groups. Who are your characters? What are the conflicts or themes in your book?  Non-fiction writers may have an easier time identifying their audiences. The more information you have on your target audience (and your audience is not everybody!) the more you can target your marketing approach to them.
  8. Build relationships with book store owners and employees. Build relationships with people at your favorite coffee house. Let people know what you are doing. When your book is ready, you may have an easier time getting “shelf-space” and “talk-time.”
  9. Participate in local writers’ groups and activities for writers. If you are not on the panel, be in the audience. Mingle with writers and readers!
  10. Purchase an inexpensive digital camera and a pocket-sized video camera and keep them with you at all times. You never know when you will be in a situation that you will want to document. Or maybe you'll want others to document an event for you. Be ready! This can also inspire blog topics for you.
Bonus Tips:

  1. Buy domain names. Your name, your book title, etc. ~$15/yr is all it takes to secure the dot com version of your name and book title.
  2. Create your promotional materials. Update your business card or bookmark by including a QR code to your blog, facebook page or website. Start creating your cover design; start looking for sites from which to host book signings; print custom stamps of your book cover (,; sign up for; get a t-shirt printed with your book cover on it, etc.

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